A Lil Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Alifya Plumber Tarwala, a Fine Artist from sunny California and founder of 'Alifya Lifestyle.' A former art teacher and now an independent full-time artist working from my cozy art studio where I love to create. 

My passion for teaching has now led me to teaching all you creative lovers on Skillshare and Youtube. My art and classes are focused over Loose Landscapes and Florals in Acrylics & Watercolors.

You can also find my work at my Etsy Shop

Apart from painting of course, I am also obsessed with home décor. My crave to constantly décor seasonally and hanging up art prints all over my home has definitely kicked in a little more after hubby and I have been moving houses a bit recently.

Although my work is personal, I hope that they are approachable and seem fit to place around in different corners of YOUR home. Each of my piece is carefully created with a variety of techniques, media, and much LOVE. My inspiration generally spurs from seasons which in turn bring in seasonal colors, patterns, and emotions, all of which are translated into my paintings. I get most excited in everyday mundane activities and movements, just about the little things that give life a meaningful purpose.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hoping you find this little space of my world comforting, inspiring, and encouraging. Feel free to make this YOUR happy place. Drop me a note to say hello or to connect! 


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